New website

I finally released a beta version of our new website! I expect it to be completely ready within 2 months. Contact us on our Discord for support or help with installing as we didn't finish the download tutorial yet.

I will be posting updates about both the client and the website on our Discord and maybe sometimes here.

Basic Info for New Users

Installation tutorial can be found here.
Default Click GUI key is RIGHT SHIFT and can be changed in Minecraft keybind settings.
Discord RPC can be disabled by disabling the Discord RPC module. :wow:
The client is not compatible with Optifine, but works with Sodium and Iris.


Website Our website is still under development and is missing a lot of information, descriptions and parts (FAQ for example).

What is MatHax? MatHax is a fork of Meteor Client by MineGame159 and seasnail with many additions.
Some Meteor Client addons are included too and links to them can be found in the source code of their features on our GitHub.


Combat MatHax provides you with a wide range of advanced combat modules like Bed Aura, Anchor Aura, CEV Breaker, Crystal Aura and Kill Aura with many advanced settings.

Render MatHax features extremely customizable render modules that are powered by clean and efficient rendering systems, in turn giving precise and high quality overlays that make the client feel incredibly modern and smooth.

GUI MatHax comes with an extremely customizable GUI and HUD giving you a beautiful and functional interface to interact with as well as the powerful macros system which allows you to change almost anything about the client in the press of a key.

Utility MatHax comes with a large number of unique utility modules that make your life easier by allowing the client to do all boring things for you. It also comes pre-built with Baritone and Litematica intergration meaning it can be easily used as a standalone client.




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